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Ripe & Ready at Market

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We grow a wide variety of apples starting in late summer through the end of October. We're sure you'll find your favorite, whether sweet or tart!

Interested in a larger quantity for sauce or storage? We sell apples by the half bushel at a discounted rate. Call us up or shoot us an email, and we'll have them ready for you to pick up at the next market!

(Listed in approximate order of ripening)

Yellow Transparent - Early yellow antique variety first grown in Russia. Tart flesh. Excellent for sauce!
Lodi - Early season green apple. Tender, acid and juicy. Excellent for applesauce.
Vista Belle - Early season eating apple. Dark red blush on skin with creamy white flesh.
Tydeman's Red - Thin red skin and flesh that is mild, with a permfumy sweetness of Cotton Candy.
Summer Mac - a.k.a. Paula Red. Late summer Mac variety. Solid red skin over creamy white, tart flesh.
Ginger Gold - Outstanding early season eating variety with yellow skin. Sweet, juicy and firm.
MacIntosh - Juicy and slightly tart. Great for baking.
Summer Rambo - First grown in 16th century France. Green skin with red stripes, crisp,  mild tartness.
Jonamac - Cross between Jonathan and a Mac. Tart, rounded taste. Pale flesh is firm and crisp.
Zestar! - Crisp and juicy. Excellent sweet tart flavor for eating & cooking. From Univ. of Minnesota.
Smokehouse - Antique Pennsylvania Dutch green apple. Excellent for pies, cooking and sauce.
Elstar - Developed in the Netherlands in the 1950's. Crisp, tart, cream-colored flesh.
Gala - Very sweet  with orange-striped skin and yellow flesh. A new favorite for snacks and salads.
Honeycrisp - Crisp, juicy, sweet flavor. Developed by U. of Minnesota. Consistently rated #1 in taste tests.
Jonathan - Moderately tart red apple. Delicious for snacking, salads and cooking and fried apples!
Cortland - Mildly tart. Popular variety for sauce, pies, and whole baked apples.
Empire - Mac crossed with Red Del. for unique sweet taste. Crisp and excellent for snacks or salads.
Jonagold - Blend of tart Jonathan and sweet Golden Delicious. Oustanding flavor.
Northern Spy - The consummate pie apple.  Sprouted from a seed in NY in 1800.
Shizuka - Sweet and juicy, firm texture and crisp flesh. Excellent for snacking or cooking.
Ambrosia - From British Columbia. A good snacking apple with crisp texture and juicy aromatic flesh.
Braeburn - Red and green skin. One of the firmest apples available. Very crisp with tart-sweet flavor.
Nittany - Introduced by Penn State Univ. Sweet-tart and spicy flavor with red-orange skin.
Stayman - Firm, rich flavor and mildly tart. Great all-purpose apple.
York - Crisp, firm and tart apple originating from South-Central PA. Excellent for all cooking purposes.
Fuji - Very firm and unusually sweet. Striped red and yellow. Frist discovered in Japan.
Granny Smith - The famous green apple. Very firm and tart. Good for all cooking purposes.
Pink Lady - Attractive pink blush. Crisp fruit with a sweet-tart flavor, and a long storage life. 
Goldrush - Best apple in storage into new year. Extremely firm and tart. Chewy gold skin with russet.