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We grow June-bearing and everbearing varieties. Chandler - This was originally a California variety which has proven to be well-suited to conditions on the East Coast. The large, full flavored berries are grown on raised beds and produce fruit over a 4-5 week season. 
Seascape - Strawberries in October? Yes, sir! Unlike the traditional June-bearing strawberries, these berries will fruit from July until the first frost in October.

Grown on thorny bushes (brambles), the blackberry is one of the largest of the berries, with a tarter flavor than raspberries. They're great for eating out of hand, but cooks often strain out the seeds when making pies and preserves. We grow three delicious varieties: Arapaho, Triple Crown and Chester. Arapaho is a medium fruit, not seedy, and sweet with an excellent flavor. Triple Crown is a medium to large fruit, not seedy, and very sweet and flavorful. Chester is a large fruit that stores well. Most exciting, in 2012 we hope to have our first crop of fall fruiting Blackberries!

The raspberry is composed of many connecting droplets (individual sections of fruit, each with its own seed) surrounding a central core, making them very fragile. We grow  summer and fall producing red raspberries that are as fresh from the vine as you can get! Varieties include Caroline, Encore, Prelude, Himbo-Top, and Nova. In addition, we grow  gold raspberries, a fall-bearing variety named Anne. And don't forget about black raspberries! Our favorite is Jewel, with glossy black fruit, large size and a rich, true raspberry flavor.

Round and smooth-skinned, blueberries are juicy and sweet.  Blueberries are small and sturdy, so they're perfect for tossing into cakes, muffins, cereal bowls, and fruit salads. Like other berries, they also make good preserves and tarts. We grow several varieties of the Highbush type: Bluecrop, Chandler, Patriot, Spartan, Duke, Aurora and Elliott to help extend the season. This year, we'll planting an even later variety to extend the season further.

These large, tart, translucent green or red berries in the Ribes family are round and about 1/2 inch in diameter. They're very acidic, and pair well with roasted meats, like goose, or in jam, pies or other desserts.

Another member of the tart Ribes family. The small fruit with translucent skin is harvested in clusters. Admired for generations in Europe for their versatility. Make refreshing juice and wines, excellent jam and provide more Vitamin C than fresh oranges. We grow a wide array of Red, White, Pink Champagne and Black varieties.

We grow several varieties of the slip-skin type of grape - if you hold one of these grapes between your thumb and forefinger, you can pop or slip off the skin of the grape. These grapes are sweet with a "foxy" flavor and can be eaten fresh (minus the skin) or used for making jelly, juice and wine. Concord is the most popular variety with dark purple-blue fruit with a bluish bloom. Niagara has green fruit that is the source of most white grape juice. We also grow a blue seedless variety, similar in taste and appearance to Concord, but without the seeds!! 2012 should bring a whole new crop of from the table grapes we recently planted that we are excited for our customers to try. We were blown away by their flavors - and the array of colors from pink to blue to black to green to amber are gorgeous. And yes, they are almost all seedless with edible skins!