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Crop 101: Asparagus

We have 3 acres of Asparagus on the farm. Our oldest patch was planted in 2000. Our newest patch was planted in 2015, and includes the first purple asparagus we’ve ever grown.  We will only harvest a few spears from the new patch this year.  We want it to have a good strong foundation, and […]

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Strawberry Update

Strawberries have been slowly (I mean slowwwlyyy) ripening. They have been suffering from a major lack of sunlight and heat.  And all the rain has not helped either. Many customers have asked us over the past couple of weeks if we were picking any berries yet, and our response has been, “No.  And we’re glad […]

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Recipe Tile

New Recipes

We spent some time this winter updating and reorganizing our recipe section on our website.  We also added some new recipes as well.  Please check it out.  We have organized recipes by crop and by food category.  So hopefully you will easily find some new favorite recipes to try this season. For quick access to […]

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Crop 101: Rhubarb

Rhubarb is a vegetable that is usually used like a fruit and seldom eaten raw.  It is excellent in desserts such as pies, crisps, crumbles, breads, sauces and jams.  Rhubarb has a lemony semi-bitter flavor that is usually balanced out with the use of sugar or a sweet fruit, such as strawberries. Rhubarb stalks look […]

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Wagon Tours

Thank you for visiting!

We had our Open House “Springtime in the Orchard” on April 23, 2016.    The weather started out a little iffy, but by late morning, the clouds had cleared, the sun was out, and we had a nice breeze. Thank you to all of our customers who came up to visit for the day.  We […]

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Springtime in the Orchard

One of our most frequently asked questions at the Farmers Market is “where are you all located?” We are located about 2 hours away, in Cashtown, Pennsylvania, just outside of Historic Gettysburg.  We are tucked in a very special part of the country – the South Mountain Fruit Belt – which has ideal terrain and […]

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Web Recipe Tile - Peel Peach

How to Peel a Peach

Learn from Mary Margaret and Diane how to peel a peach easily.  Granted, they have both had plenty of practice at market cutting samples for all of our customers.  But, as with most things, practice makes perfect! It is best to peel a peach when it is perfectly ripe.  You can tell a peach is […]

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