Mini-Flat Special

The Mini Flat Specials has been a huge hit at the Farmers Market.  It is definitely the bargain of the season at Kuhn Orchards. This weekend’s Mini Flat includes: 2 Blackberries (pints) 2 Raspberries (half pints) 1 Seedless Grape (pint) 1 Blueberry (pint) Regularly priced, this bundle of berry and grape goodness would cost $31.75, […]

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Summertime Apples (newsletter)

We have a number of Summertime Apples:  Zestar!, Ginger Gold, Summer Mac, Dandee Red, and Summer Rambo. Ginger Gold Apples We are noticing that many of the apples have a characteristic called “water core.”  Water core is when the center of the apple has a patchy transparent or glossy appearance, and it is because the […]

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