Savor the Cherries (newsletter 7/1/2015)

Mary Margaret is always good about bringing in her Bon Appetit magazine each month.  We all google over the photos, and dream of making all of the recipes in the magazine.  This month they have a “Cherry-O!” feature.  These two are definitely eye catchers: Roasted Buttered Cherries Pork Loin with Cherry Vinaigrette If you ever […]

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4th of July Farmers Market Update (newsletter 7/1/2015)

Happy 4th of July!!  We hope to see you at market before you head off to your picnics and festivities. Yes, the American Holiday falls on Saturday, and….. All of our markets are open during the holiday weekend, with the exception of the Fairfax Farmers Market Fairfax customers are encouraged to shop with us at […]

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Whatcha Munchin’, Anthony?

Anthony enjoys munchin’ on Mary Margaret’s Pickled Garlic Scapes.  A customer from our 14th & U Farmers Market shared the recipe with Mary Margaret last summer, and Anthony has been enjoying the Pickled Garlic Scapes all winter long. Garlic Scapes also make great pesto.   Add some basil, parsley, some nuts (pine nuts, almonds or pistachios all work […]

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Crimson Topaz600

Whatcha Muchin’ Dave? Crimson Topaz!

Dave’s munching Crimson Topaz AND applesauce! Crimson Topaz is a new apple variety that we are growing and Dave thinks highly of it.  Dave’s usual go-to-apple is Braeburn, which is a sweet-tart apple with a really hard flesh.  And that’s why he likes the Crimson Topaz.  It has a firm flesh and with a not […]

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Whatcha Munchin’, Peachy?

There are so many employees that love Kuhn Orchards peaches that it would be impossible to fit them all in the picture.  But we’ll highlight what a few folks say about our peaches. Sandy likes to make peach pie.  She has a recipe that makes 4 pot-pie sized pies.  She’ll bake one and then freeze the […]

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Whatcha Munchin’, Katy? Radishes!

Until recently, I hated radishes.  My mom has a picture in her office of me in pre-school trying a radish.  I have a puckered mouth and grotesque look on my face.  Since then radishes have never been appealing. I never understood the appeal of radishes when folks bought them at market.  And they would rave […]

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Whatcha Munchin’, Sandy? Gooseberries!

Sandy enjoys eating gooseberries fresh because she likes their tart flavor.  Gooseberries are also excellent made into jam.  Or try making a sauce, adding some honey and topping it on vanilla bean ice cream. Here are some more Gooseberry Recipes. Our production of gooseberries has really increased this year, and they are sweeter this year (but […]

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