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Sweet Cherries
We grow several varieties of sweet cherries to extend our season, including....
Summit - An early variety with large, heart-shaped cherry fruit with good flavor.
Ulster - Dark red, large, firm-fleshed, sweet fruit ripening mid-season.
Lapins - Developed in British Colombia, this unique dark red cherry is large in size, and has good flavor.
Black Gold - A dark red cherry with firm fruit and good size.
Hedelfingen - A large, firm-fleshed, high quality late dark red cherry.
Hudson - The latest of the good dark, black sweet cherries.
Emperor Francis - A large, high quality yellow cherry with red blush.
Schmidt Biggareau - A dark red sweet cherry ripening in the mid-season.
Regina - A late ripening, dark red sweet cherry. The fruit is very firm and large.
Rainier - Large yellow fruit with red blush and creamy yellow flesh. Considered "cream of the crop".

Tart Cherries
Also known as Sour Cherries or Pie Cherries. These cherries are quite tart (hence the name) and are best known as the key ingredient in desserts such as cherry pie or cherries jubilee. They are also delicious in main courses, salads, jams and jellies, dried and beverages. Tart cherries are seldom sold fresh in your local grocery store. We grow...
Balaton - a Hungarian cultivar introduced in 1984 with very firm dark red fruit, red juicy flesh, and slightly sweeter flavor than the standard)
Montmorency - is the traditional tart cherry with a bright red fruit, medium in size, with a clear, juicy flesh