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Yellow Peaches
Our customers often tell us that our peaches are what draw them to our farmer's markets. You just can't find a good ripe peach in the grocery store! We bring our peaches to market freshly-picked and tree-ripe. Most of our yellow-fleshed peaches are freestone - meaning that the flesh easily separates from the stone or pit. With planting a wide variety of peaches, we're able to extend our season into late-September, and sometimes into October. Hope you'll enjoy one of the many varities we grow.....

Rich May - Our earliest ripening peach. Clingstone with firm flesh and good flavor.
Sentry - A firm, highly-colored, semi-freestone peach with excellent size for an early season variety.
Redhaven - Standard for the NE peach industry. Fruit is medium-size and colors to a brilliant red.
John Boy - Developed from Loring. High quality fruit with good color. One of our new favorites!
Cresthaven - A very firm, highly colored mid season variety. Yellow flesh shows red around the pit.
Bounty - Very large fruit that is firm and freestone. The best peach for canning!
Bellaire - A mostly freestone variety with a very classy attractive coloring.
Summer Breeze - Large, flavorul variety from our neighbors in Biglerville. Firm flesh good for canning.
Encore - A very attractive late season peach with large firm fruit.
Laurol - A late season peach with large, attractive red skin fruit and firm yellow flesh.
Ouchita Gold - A very late season variety. Medium fruit with attractive orange-red color on yellow.

White Peaches
White peaches have white flesh and less acid than yellow-fleshed peaches, so they have a higher sugar content and taste "sweeter". Some of our white peaches are freestone (the flesh easily separates from the stone or pit) and some are clingstone (the flesh clings to the pit). The many varities we grow include......

Sugar May - One of the best in the early season. Medium in size, highly colored, firm flesh and freestone.
White Lady - The fruit is highly colored and very firm with excellent dessert qualities. A sub-acid variety.
Klondike - Medium to large fruit is firm and very attractive.
Sugar Giant - One of the largest white fleshed sub-acid peach varities. Exceptional color and firmness.
Lady Nancy - White flesh with yellow streaks. More acid than most white peaches. Large and freestone.

Flat Peaches
Also known as Peento or "donut" peaches, these peaches are a recent phenomenon in the fruit industry. Scientists believe that peaches growing in the wild originally had this flat shape! We currently only grow one variety, Saturn. Their delicate white flesh quality, flat shape and exquisite sweet flavor with a high sugar content is quite appealing. We've planted several additional varieties, which should be in production in a few years.