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We currently only grow the standards - Bartlett and Bosc. Bartlett is a good all-purpose pear that is sweet and juicy with a smooth texture. The green skin turns yellow when ripe. Great for canning or eating fresh. Bosc is a large russeted pear with white flesh and a rich, delicious flavor. We planted a new pear orchard in 2010 with lots of varities like Red Barlett, Anjou, and Seckle pears.  We hope to bring these new varieties to market in the next couple years!!

Asian Pears
Also called Apple Pears. Originally grown in Japan, they're sweet, crunchy to the bite and amazingly juicy. We grow several varieties.....
Shinseiki - Early season variety with yellow finish and little russet. The fruit is crisp and juicy.
Hosui - Ripening in late August, the fruit is mildly flavored, sweet and juicy with solid russeted skin.
Yoinashi - Fruit is large, orange-brown with a russeted finish and crisp, richly aromatic, firm flesh. 
Olympic - Round, large, heavily russeted brown pear has a crisp, juicy sweet taste. Stores well.