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We are currently looking for Sales Team Members for our weekend Farmers Markets.

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Japanese Plums
A sweet tart fruit. Japanese Plums are usually eaten fresh. Our favorite varieties include.....
Methley - A small early plum with purple red skin, and sweet flesh that is very juicy.
Shiro - A sweet, juicy yellow plum. Fruits are round, clingstone, and medium to large in size.
Santa Rosa - A large, attractive, dark reddish purple plum with red flesh. The fruit is quite firm.
Ruby Queen - With an outstanding flavor, the fruit has reddish-black skin with a firm, red flesh. 
Satsuma - A distinctive, dark red plum with red flesh. Fruit is oval shaped and very sweet.
Friar - Large oval plum, black with light amber flesh. Freestone with a small pit. Sweet and juicy.
Fortune - Late season plum. Fruit is large, reddish-purple and very firm with yellow flesh. Our favorite!

European Plums
European Plums (also known as Italian or Blue Plums) are small oblong fruits with a blue skin and yellow, juicy, fine grained flesh.  Although mainly used for cooking and making prunes, though many people enjoy eating them fresh. We grow several varities.....
Castleton Early - Early maturing variety with slightly ovate blue fruit. 
Green Gage - Considered to be the ideal dessert plum in Europe. Green fruit with red mottling.
Stanley - Fruit is large, with dark blue skin and flesh that is greenish-yellow, juicy and fine grained.
Long John - Dark blue, very large fruit of high quality. 
Vision - Late harvest plum with oblong shape, developed in Ontario.