Ripe & Ready at Market

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Fruit Photo Gallery

Peaches ready for harvestRaspberries - ready for a snackStrawberries - ripe from the fieldVertical Axis Apple TrellisBlack CurrantsStrawberries at MarketSorting CherriesPie Cherries Ready for MarketApples at MarketBlue Italian Prune PlumsStrawberriesSweet CherriesSummer Berries & CherriesSummer Berries & CherriesRed RaspberriesBlueberriesBlackberriespeaches by the bin fullRed cheeked peachesGrapesGrapesHoneycrisp appleHoneycrisp appleapples at marketStayman applesAmbrosia applesJonathan applesQueen Anne Sweet CherriesQueen Anne and Hettelfingen Sweet CherriesChestnuts at MarketSomething so shiny and smooth comes out of something so rough and prickly!ChestnutsOur Chestnut Grove, about 1 acreBosc and Asian PearsAsian Pears at MarketsBartlett PearsAsian PearsQuinceRaspberriesStrawberriesCrates Full of Apples