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Sidney Kuhn (Owner/Operator) & Anthony Herring (Production Manager)

Sidney is David and Mary Margaret's oldest daughter. After acquiring a degree in Landscape Architecture from North Carolina State University, Sidney returned home in 2001. For five years she worked as the Land Conservation Coordinator for the local non-profit land trust, helping to protect thousands of acres of farmland and open space. In May of 2008, Sidney returned full time to the operation, with hopes to transition into the role of Owner and General Manager in conjunction with her parent's retirement. Sidney has served on the Board of Directors for the State Horticultural Association of Pennsylvania, as the chair of the Mid-Atlantic Young Growers Alliance and as chair of the Scott Brown Memorial Scholarship Committee.

Sidney and her parents worked very hard to transition the family business from David and Mary Margaret to Sidney.  They completed the process in 2012.

Sidney and Anthony were married on the farm in the Gold Rush trellis in April 2013.

Sidney oversees all aspects of the farm business and markets.  She is a familiar face at many markets, but typically attends Palisades and Union Farmers Markets.  

Anthony has been working in the production and labor side of the fruit industry since graduating from high school. He brings lots of practical expertise to growing fruits and vegetables.  He enjoys spending time outside whether he is pruning, planting, repairing equipment or hunting and fishing!

David Kuhn & Mary Margaret Kuhn (Operators)

David grew up on Kuhn Orchards ground. In 1973 he graduated with a degree in Horticulture from North Carolina State University. After marrying the daughter of a North Carolina tobacco farmer, Mary Margaret Barnes, David moved back home with his new wife. In 1976, David and his father entered into partnership to operate the farm as "Kuhn Orchards". After helping to manage the farm for many years, David transitioned into ownership of the farm in the 1990's.  

David and Mary Margaret transitioned the ownership of the farmers markets and farm operations to their daughter, Sidney, in 2012.  David is still involved in all aspects of the farm and operations.  He enjoys going to the Lorton Farmers Market.  

Mary Margaret grew up in Wilson County, North Carolina on a tobacco farm. While attending school at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, she met David. Upon her graduation with a teaching degree, she and David married and moved to the orchard in Pennsylvania. For many years Mary Margaret worked as a part-time or substitute teacher, raising her two daughters, Sidney and Rachel, and helping out at the orchard in her "free time". Upon the death of David's mother in 1984, Mary Margaret took a more active role in the business as the Office Manager and has brought her experiences of growing and arranging cut flowers and raising vegetables in NC to the diversification of the operation.

 Mary Margaret tends to the flower beds, and assists with daily operations.  She also arranges all of the flower bouquets.  Mary Margaret attends the 14th & U Street Farmers Market.  


Sandy Lombardi & Katy Clowney (Market Coordinator and Manager)

Sandy has been with Kuhn Orchards as first a part-time and now a full-time employee since 1993. She has performed a wide array of jobs for the operation, but most importantly she prepares, coordinates and attends our farmers markets!!  Sandy has an associates degree in Ornamental Horticultre from the Institute of Applied Agriculture in College Park, MD.

Sandy attends the Crystal City, Wakefield and Fairfax Farmers Markets.  She also makes deliveries for the Winter CSA.

Katy started working at the farm in May of 2011.  She graduated from Gettysburg College with a degree in Environmental Studies in 2005.  After graduating, she worked for Penn State Cooperative Extension, serving the fruit industry.  While working for Penn State she also attended markets for Kuhn Orchards at the Vienna and 14th & U Street Farmers Markets.  Katy serves on the board of directors for the Land Conservancy of Adams County and the Adams County Fruit Growers Association.  

Katy attends the 14th & U Street Farmers Market.  


Diane Miller (Office Manager)

Diane has worked for Kuhn Orchards for a number of years attending markets.  In 2014 she started working full-time as the Office Manager and Bookkeeper.  

Diane attends the Vienna and OakMarr Farmers Markets.

Steve Donaldson & Caleb Wagner (Production Assistants)

Steve has worked for Kuhn Orchards since 2010.  He helps to manage and supervise the workforce.  

Steve has attended the Petworth Farmers Market, and the Glover Park-Burleith Farmers Market.  He also made Winter CSA deliveries in the District.  

Caleb started attending the Lorton Farmers Markets in 2011 and working in the packing house in the summer-time.  He then started working for the farm full-time in 2013 and tends to the health of the orchards.